Rawhide Chews: Dangerous Treats That Can Kill Your Dog

My six-year-old son Michael had his heart set on getting a puppy. “If I had a dog,” he would constantly remind me with a melt-your-heart look in his eyes, “I promise I’d feed him e-v-e-r-y day!” How could a mom resist?

So, Michael became the proud owner of an active puppy who he quickly named “Pepsi”, “Because he’s hyper, just like me when I drink soda pop.” (At this point, we had no idea what belly bands were or that we would be introduced to them soon!)

It’s All Fun and Games Until…Belly Bands!

Things were going great, until one day I noticed an unusual spot on the carpet. I questioned all of the usual suspects, and since no one admitted to spilling anything, I cleaned it and forgot about it. Until, that is, it magically reappeared…along with other suspiciously similar looking stains throughout the house. It couldn’t be! Our good dog Pepsi had gone bad. He was marking in the house.

When venting my frustration to a friend who had several dogs, she said, “Why don’t you use a belly band?” So, I looked into it, and discovered that dog belly bands wrap around a male dog’s belly to prevent him from wetting on carpets and furniture.

I made a belly band, placed it on Pepsi, and voila…he went into the other room and, when we weren’t looking, tried to wet on the sofa. But, there was something different this time. The belly band’s pad absorbed the urine, and it couldn’t get onto the sofa.

Pepsi, being an intelligent dog, decided that wetting in a “diaper band” wasn’t what he had in mind, and he lost interest in wetting in the house. Dog belly bands were our miracle cure for Pepsi.

We Decided to Share Our Success Story!

We eventually started a dog belly band company, www.bellybands.net, with the goal of creating the best, most comfortable and useful product. At the time, in 2003, there were no belly bands available in stores. Our customers love our belly bands, and most of them wish they had found out about them sooner. We’ve learned that some dogs learn right away, some dogs take a little longer, and there are a few really stubborn guys who will keep trying to mark. In any case, dog belly bands do the job, and keep carpets and furniture fresh and clean… and moms happy. Ask Pepsi!


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