We take PRIDE in our top-quality Dog Belly Bands made in the USA!

“Thank you for the awesome pirate dog belly band. I had gotten one from another company earlier this year and it wasn’t very well constructed. My dog is up in years and has some issues but now he is free to roam the house again. You guys are great and I will be getting another one soon!”
Sincerely, J.

Beware When Choosing a Dog Belly Band



How Our Boy and Girl Bands Are Designed

Dog Belly Bands are designed as a training aid to teach dogs not to mark in the house. Used with a disposable pad, they prevent your dog from leaving urine on carpets and furniture. Since dogs don’t like wetting in the bands, they are a constant reminder not to wet in the house. Belly Bands are also great for incontinent dogs. Our girl bands control messes for female dogs in season.

Why Our Dog Belly Bands Are Better

belly bands for housebreaking
 We strive for the BEST in our Dog Belly Bands…if it not good enough for our dogs, it is not good enough for your dogs. As the waist size becomes larger, our bands become wider. Our size D and up boy belly bands have two velcro strips for a very comfortable, secure fit. We do not use elastic in our Boy Belly Bands. Elastic is the number one cause of irritation and chafing in boy bands. Our belly bands are soft, gentle and comfortable. Our overlock velcro system on all of our bands is the longest lasting, will never tangle or tear hair, and will not stick on bedding or carpet like other bands.

Our Dog Belly Bands are made of a combination of fleece and cotton, because although our fleece is the best material to provide airflow, keep dogs dry and provide softness and comfort, it is too stretchy when used by itself. Cotton adds the perfect compliment, so we combine the highest quality of both materials working together for the best Belly Band available. Our fleece is the best anti-pill fleece available. It washes up soft and fluffy every time. Our cottons are high thread count fabrics that last and keep their vibrant colors wash after wash. We source our materials from suppliers in the NY and NJ garment discticts.

Regular Boy Dog Belly Bands

Our ORIGINAL regular Boy Dog Belly Band has an attractive top quality cotton fabric outside (your choice of colors and patterns) and the softest, gentlest, breathable anti-pill fleece (that washes up soft and fluffy) inside next to your dog’s hair and skin. Quality materials are so important for comfort and long wear. All seams are securely stitched inside and out. Our belly band has Velcro fasteners placed lengthwise for an adjustable fit and easy on – easy off, and it doesn’t have any exposed sticky Velcro. Simply place an inexpensive, disposable maxi-pad or poise pad onto the center of the belly band to quickly wick away urine and provide odor protection, and change as needed. All of our belly bands are machine washable and dryable.

Regular bands are available for dogs 12″ through 19.5″ in waist size (sizes C through E), and are a reminder not to wet.

belly bands

Super Boy Dog Belly Bands

Super band pads Our ORIGINAL Super Boy Dog Belly Band has a several layer diaper pad and liner sandwiched in-between the fleece and cotton fabric of the regular band. The built-in pad provides extra absorbency, and will catch urine if your dog leaks through a maxi-pad. With the extra built-in pad, the band will stay wider when on your dog, and we recommend it for all dogs with waists 15″ or over. It works great for all active dogs, heavier markers, longer-waisted dogs like Dachshunds and larger dogs. The built-in super band pad helps keep the band wider and your dog covered. The entire band is machine washable. Our Super Belly Band can be used with or without a disposable maxi pad; however, to keep the band clean longer and for those heavy wetters, we recommend a disposable maxi-pad or poise pad to quickly wick away urine and provide odor protection. Our Super Belly Band resists rolling or bunching, especially for short, round-belly dogs, or large or long-waisted dogs that need a wider band, thanks to the internal Super Band pad. Our customers LOVE our quality Super Belly Band! All Belly Bands have strong, adjustable Velcro closures placed lengthwise on the band for an accurate, adjustable, comfortable fit and easy on – easy off. Machine washable and dryable. Our Super Boy Belly Band is available for waist sizes 12″ and over.

Girl Dog Belly Bands

Our wonderful Girl Dog Belly Band is so sleek and comfortable, and it is designed to stay on your dog with our patent pending design. Girl Dog Belly Bands have our highest quality soft, breathable anti-pill fleece inside and our top quality vibrant cotton fabric outside. Our bands adjust in size at the waist with two velcro strips that fasten under the skirt, and they are so easy to get on and off. They never restrist leg movement like other bulky bands, and they leave plenty of room for the tail to move freely. Simply place an inexpensive, disposable sanitary pad onto the belly band to quickly wick away urine and provide odor protection, and change as needed. All of our belly bands are machine washable and dryable. Available with or without skirts.