Why are our Dog Diapers better?


Quality Materials

We use the HIGHEST QUALITY soft, comfy fleece available to make our dog diapers. Top quality fabrics are the absolute key to comfortable, long-wearing dog belly bands. We would never sacrifice quality for our dogs, and we won’t for your dogs. We want your dog to be happy and his belly bands to last a long time.

Comfortable Dog Diapers

Extremely COMFORTABLE. The inside of our belly bands are a protective cushion of soft fleece. The most comfortable belly band, and the ONLY  belly bands we will sell. Beware of poor-quality, uncomfortable bands made overseas.

For Big and Small dogs.

We make the smallest to the largest sizes and even custom sizes for the biggest dogs. Simply call us for a custom size…no extra charge to customize. We can also provide elastic bands, if you’d like. email us: bellybands.net@gmail.com

Ethically Made in the USA

Our bands are made in the USA by seamstresses who are paid a living wage. Your purchase helps to fund our donations to USA charities like Wounded Warriors and dog shelters

Smart Design

Easy to put on…easy to take off. Our belly bands are washable and reusable, over and over again.

Our Experience

We have over 40 years of dog training experience… we know dogs… we know housebreaking! We’re here to help you through the housebreaking process…call us for tips. Or, read our housebreaking page.

Need It Fast?

Our dog diapers are IN-STOCK with QUICK shipping. We offer regular and Priority shipping in the US.

Try our Dog Diapers for your dog!