I just ordered two more for our senior boy, Baka. Your product is great! The ones we used before chaffed and irritated Baka’s fur and caused quite a large bald spot. But since wearing these, his fur and sore is completely healed. They look nice on him too – I think he likes them!

Shelley A.

I am so impressed with your belly bands; I am ordering more! Have purchased other similar products, but they just are not as good as yours…the dogs seem to be much more comfortable in them and I love that my house doesn’t smell like an outhouse! Thanks for a great product!


This is a second order! LOVE your belly bands! They are superior!


I almost can’t believe the difference this product has made in the behavior of my daughter’s 3 yr old Thai Ridgeback. The dog had never been reliably housebroken. The Belly Band has been like an overnight miracle! The provided instructions were just what we needed. We’re ordering two more bands so there’s always one available. Thank you so much.


Thank you so much! I LOVE your Belly Bands!! They are the best of all of them on the market!! I have bought 7 different ones online over the past week, and yours are by far the very best of all. I will be buying more soon!


Thanks for making a product that does not bunch, gather or have elastic that cuts into my dog’s belly. I ordered one belly band from you to try thinking it was going to be just like the rest, but I was wrong. I am now ordering more. My dog and carpets love this band!!

Karen B.

I purchased two belly bands from two different suppliers. Yours is by far the better one.


Thanks! Love these and have recommended them to everyone!


Thank you for having reasonable prices!


Your products are outstanding!. Thank you!!


These are awesome! My little Yorkie would get bored at night and pee in the bedroom. Not one accident since she got her first pair of fancy pants. Now she’s getting a second pair, and her sister her first.


Sheldon our sheltie already has 4 of your belly bands and is now adding to his wardrobe. He is elderly and has some problems with his prostate and leakage. He now walks freely around the house with dignity wearing his belly bands proudly. Thanks for a great product!!


These are a life-saver! On my third order… (I rescue dogs). Happy me, happy puppies. Thank you!


This is my second order from Belly Bands. I bought one to see how my old gentleman would react, and he never missed a beat. Your product makes life much easier for apartment dwellers where the front door is an elevator ride and a long walk away and your pal HAS to go! It stays in place, washes easily and using disposable pads is very convenient. I heartily recommend Belly Bands to anyone who has to deal with this issue.


Just wanted to write you and let you know I received my order for the wide belly bands and it fits Jacob perfectly!! I am completely happy with the product, its quality and seamstress workmanship!!! Big Kudos!! I will spread the word of your product!!! Thank you so much!!! You helped on the phone with your recommendations of how to measure our rescue yorkie poo who is longer in body. The sweet woman on the phone was a doll and had me measure further and recommended a wider 4 inch width for better coverage. It was the perfect fit for Jacob!!! I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with our belly bands we ordered from you!! Just excellent!!


They work great!


This is my second order…your bellybands are amazing!


Thank you for these belly bands. The fit is perfect. They stay on! The quality, design, just great. I am delighted and will be buying more. Super!


These bands are working great! I like them so much I want two more so that I can always have a fresh one. :) They have saved my sanity and our nine-year-old yorkie! (One of us was going to have to go! ;)


The main issue was the fact that my dog lifted his leg on everything, including my husband’s bag of golf clubs. I knew I had to figure out a solution. I love your Belly Band and “Chico” now runs around the house and is part of the family. Thanks again! I am really happy I bought your product. P.S. Thanks for your advice over the phone.


Received the bands and I can already tell they are much better than the pet store one we had. Yours are easier to get on and off and a better fit. Thanks.


I’ve been on the fence about buying one of these for my 11-year-old foster dog. We had dinner at the home of (a friend) who had one for their aging female and one for their young Chihuahua. Both dogs LOVED their Belly Bands and wore them proudly. What an endorsement! When the dogs love it, it must be great! My pets are so much more comfortable in your belly bands. Great job.


I received my order…and started using them that day. My dog wasn’t quite sure what to make of it at first but after a few days he accepts my putting them on him without even batting an eye. I have the Super Boy belly bands and I do use an extra pad inside. This is an amazing product! it has allowed my old boy to have the free rein of the house again. I would recommend it to anyone that has on older, incontinent dog. The bands wash and dry so easily and nicely in the washing maching – very easy to use! Thank you!!


I ordered one previously a few weeks ago and it works so well! It fits perfectly!! I tried to sew one myself but I couldn’t get it to fit right. Yours are great! Finally I can feel safe while letting my dog in the house! Thanks!


I have been saved from worry of my dog ruining my home by using your Belly Band. It is soft and wide, and the dog doesn’t mind it at all. This is the second one I am ordering. I ordered another one from another business and it doesn’t compare to yours in quality. Thank you for having this product.


Best Belly Bands. Thank you for making my dog’s life better!


I received my belly band this afternoon and right away I was impressed by how pretty they look and how soft they feel. So I tried them on Fred (our little 15 years old Bichon) and he didn’t mind wearing them at all. I think he liked them ’cause they fit so well and are so soft. I tried the bands with elastics in the past and he refused to walk with one on and I couldn’t bring myself to make him wear them because he looked so uncomfortable in them, but not with yours. I think it might be ’cause they’re so soft and gentle on his skin. Plus he looks so cute in them too. Fred tested the absorbency of the band last night, and it worked like a charm. My carpet was dry, his skin and fur stayed dry, and the only thing wet was the band…it absorbed it all and there was no mess whatsoever! I love them! They’re wonderful! Thank you so much! If anyone asks me where to get good belly bands, I will recommend that they order from you.


This is my second order, and these are really a life saver!!! Thanks so much for coming up with these!


I ordered several of your bands a few months ago for my little maltese. They are so cute on him. When you tell him to come to put it on, he struts over. I think he thinks he’s special since the girls don’t wear them. I ordered (another brand) and he didn’t like them; the velcro was hard to open.


I just want to thank you for my order. It came so quickly, and I am very pleased with the belly band for my Yorkie. It fit perfectly and looks very comfortable on him. I put it on and he was fine with it… Also, thank you again for fixing my mistake of clicking the online order three times. You cleared it up with no grief to me. I would recommend your company in a heartbeat. Thank you.


I love them. Thank you for a wonderful product.


I love them. Thank you for a wonderful product.


Just a note to tell you how happy we all are with the Belly Band both in quality and ease of use. The instruction sheet was very helpful and informative. We adopted our 2-year-old Pekingnese from a shelter. He came from a puppy mill. Needless to say, he was “marking” all over the house, much to our dismay as we have other dogs. Since putting his very own Belly Band on he has not marked or had one accident! It fits him perfectly, and he seems quite comfortable in it. Being a “rescue” he is quite timid and we have to tread lightly when training him. I believe it is just a matter of time before he no longer marks or has accidents in the house. His outside potty trips are very productive. I am now ordering a second one so he is always looking clean and handsome! Thank you so very much! Will highly recommend. I can tell the Belly Bands are made with “love.” :-)


This is my second time to order. I love these and my boys do too!


Love your bands – they are a lifesaver. I work at an (animal shelter), and recommend them to many co-workers and visitors.


We love the first band that we ordered, and our Boomer looks super cute wearing it! And we stay pee pee free in the house!


I’ve used Belly Bands for years and they ARE the BEST around.


I have 3 of your products that I’ve used for a couple of years for my Japanese Chin male. They have held up with daily washing and constant “on and off.” FYI…close velcro for easy wash. Thank you!!


LOVE your belly bands! They keep my dog from marking everywhere : )


These are the best thing on the market for an active male Boston Terrier. Thank you so much for designing a fit that really works and above all is comfortable for him; keeps my house clean and saves my sanity.


I love your belly bands! This is my second order. I am excited to see your new website and your success!!


Your product is truly the best of its kind. I’ve tried others from fancy pet boutiques, but no comparison!


I wanted to write and let you know how happy our family is with your product. Our Beagle came down with a prostrate issue, and as a result has incontinence. We tried the bands from Petsmart and even made our own, but he would not keep them on; they would buckle and he leaked right through. After looking online for solutions, I came across your product and was impressed with how they were made. It is clear that you considered the issues of other bands and made one that solved them. Plus you can’t beat the cute designs. Thank you so much for making a product that really takes into account what dogs need for these issues.

Michelle S

Love these Belly Bands. We have a rescue Peke and he still marks. Not sure we will ever get him completely trained on that. He is a wonderful and happy boy and his Belly Band is his “buddy” now. Thank you!!

Mary A

I have tried many different products for my dog who drips urine due to a spinal cord injury, and your product is by far the best.


Y’all saved Ginger’s life, as she cannot be without her belly band, and she is happy as she can be. Thank you.

Cris Q


  1. Linda Clyne 4 years ago

    Our newly adopted middle-aged coonhound has some issues with leakage when resting and in the past few weeks I have tried a couple brands of male wrap products, each with issues that made them not a good solution. I received my order from you today and I think your non-elastic product is going to work the best of all of them. The proportions are a good fit, it seems well-constructed, the material is soft and my dog seems comfortable. I especially appreciate that you got the velcro design right, yay! (Others I tried had the hook side out, so unless they fit perfectly – they didn’t – there was excess exposed that picked up lint and even made my dog stick to the carpet when he laid on his side). My only (small) suggestion would be to maybe put a third velcro strip in the center of the wider wraps (mine was size G) to prevent a gap from forming in the middle. Overall, though, you have a winner, thank you!

  2. Lin Fryman 4 years ago

    Love, love, love the 4 belly bands. This is the second time I have ordered belly bands from you. Thank you so much for the quality and quick service.

  3. smsanders 2 years ago

    I think I may have ordered my first belly bands from bellybands.net in 2014 when I realized that my little rescue boy had taught my then house-trained puppy how to mark. My next order was 2019 and I am ordering again in 2022. The only reason I am reordering now is that my boys have gotten older, lost some weight and I need to go down a a size. These bands last forever. I still have (and use) some of my 2014 bands. They are more than worth the price. High quality, well made, and they last forever. especially if you follow the care instructions. And even if you do not. I machine-dried the ones I bought in 2014 and they still work. although I would recommend following the care instructions to extend the life of the velcro. :-).

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