Boy Dog Belly Bands for Housebreaking

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4.85 27 reviews

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Since 2003, our ORIGINAL boy dog belly bands are the BEST quality, longest lasting dog housebreaking bands available. Use with a disposable sanitary or incontinence pad to keep your home urine-free. We also offer bands with built-in washable pads and waterproof liners. Fabric pattern could differ slightly due to supply chain shortages.

Question about what size you ordered last time? Want a color that is out of stock? We’ll get it for you! Email us:

Please read about our bands & measuring instructions BELOW before ordering. :-) 


Elastic bands have a gentle elastic all around the band that makes them extra secure. Great for long-waisted dogs, short round tummies and ALL dogs.

For girl belly bands, click here…


Measuring Instructions

Our dog belly bands are the BEST quality USA-made housebreaking bands. Add a disposable sanitary or incontinence pad to contain even the heaviest wetters. Bands can be ordered with a waterproof liner and built-in pad for extra wetness control. Fabric pattern could differ slightly due to supply chain shortages. Questions? Need to know what size belly band you ordered last time? Need a custom width?  Email us:

Elastic bands have a gentle elastic all around the band that make them extra secure. Great for long-waisted dogs like doxies, short tummies like pugs or IG’s or ALL dogs.


Wrap a measuring tape around the MIDDLE of your boy dog’s tummy; over his private parts that the belly band needs to cover. Pull the tape snug, but not too tight. This is your boy dog’s waist measurement. THE SIZES LISTED in the drop down boxes ARE YOUR DOG’S WAIST MEASUREMENT. Bands will fit a bit over and under the measurements listed; do not size up or down. You can check dog belly band width sizes in the chart below.

Our dog belly bands are sanitary garments and are not returnable.

Tip: If you don’t have a tape measure, you can use a piece of string to measure your dog’s waist. Place the string around your dog’s belly, then measure the string with a ruler. It is wise to have more than one band on hand, so if one is in the wash, your dog won’t have the opportunity to mark in the house. All of our dog Belly Bands are machine washable in cold or warm water, dryable in a medium heat dryer and they are durable.


Larger sizes or custom widths available upon request. Email us:

  •  Size A is for waists 7″-8.5″ and is approximately 2.5″ wide(Size A is a very tiny teacup size. Please measure before ordering.)
  •  Size B is for waists 9″-11.5″ and is approximately 2.75″ wide
  •  Size C is for waists 12″-14.5″ and is approximately 3.75″ wide
  •  Size D is for waists 15″-16.5″ and is approximately 4.75″ wide
  •  Size E is for waists 17″-19.5″ and is approximately 5.75″ wide
  •  Size F is for waists 20″-22.5″ and is approximately 6.75″ wide
  •  Size G is for waists 23″-25.5″ and is approximately 7.25″ wide
  •  Size H is for waists 26″-28.5″ and is approximately 7.25″ wide
  •  Size I is for waists 29″-31.5″ and is approximately 8.25″ wide
  •  Size Ix is for waists 32″-35″ and is approximately 9″ wide
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27 reviews for Boy Dog Belly Bands for Housebreaking

  1. Shelley A. 5 years ago

    I just ordered two more for our senior boy, Baka. Your product is great! The ones we used before chaffed and irritated Baka’s fur and caused quite a large bald spot. But since wearing these, his fur and sore is completely healed. They look nice on him too – I think he likes them!

  2. Amy 5 years ago

    I am so impressed with your belly bands; I am ordering more! Have purchased other similar products, but they just are not as good as yours…the dogs seem to be much more comfortable in them and I love that my house doesn’t smell like an outhouse! Thanks for a great product!

  3. Brenda 5 years ago

    This is a second order! LOVE your belly bands! They are superior!

  4. Cindy 5 years ago

    I almost can’t believe the difference this product has made in the behavior of my daughter’s 3 yr old Thai Ridgeback. The dog had never been reliably housebroken. The Belly Band has been like an overnight miracle! The provided instructions were just what we needed. We’re ordering two more bands so there’s always one available. Thank you so much.

  5. Tatia 5 years ago

    Thank you so much! I LOVE your Belly Bands!! They are the best of all of them on the market!! I have bought 7 different ones online over the past week, and yours are by far the very best of all. I will be buying more soon!

  6. Karen B. 5 years ago

    Thanks for making a product that does not bunch, gather or have elastic that cuts into my dog’s belly. I ordered one belly band from you to try thinking it was going to be just like the rest, but I was wrong. I am now ordering more. My dog and carpets love this band!!

  7. Sue 5 years ago

    I purchased two belly bands from two different suppliers. Yours is by far the better one.

  8. Lyn 5 years ago

    Thanks! Love these and have recommended them to everyone!

  9. Savannah 5 years ago

    Thank you for having reasonable prices!

  10. Michelle 5 years ago

    These are awesome! My little Yorkie would get bored at night and pee in the bedroom. Not one accident since she got her first pair of fancy pants. Now she’s getting a second pair, and her sister her first.

  11. Vickie 5 years ago

    Sheldon our sheltie already has 4 of your belly bands and is now adding to his wardrobe. He is elderly and has some problems with his prostate and leakage. He now walks freely around the house with dignity wearing his belly bands proudly. Thanks for a great product!!

  12. Shegacha 5 years ago

    The best belly bands ever! I will never use a brand other than the original belly brand belly band.

  13. Rosie Borba 5 years ago

    What can I say ? These are superior to any others on the market! I Love these and our little man Loves them too ! Will be ordering more for sure!

  14. ellen tinturin 5 years ago

    great product

  15. ellen tinturin 5 years ago

    works great for my dog

  16. ellen tinturin 5 years ago

    what do u want me to say I like it

  17. ellen tinturin 5 years ago

    the first one I got was to big so I would like to order another one works great

  18. ellen tinturin 5 years ago

    I like the product works great bailey doesn’t mind wearing it which is great

  19. Donneta Karmann 5 years ago

    This is simply the best idea anyone ever had for those of us who consider our dogs family! We let our little boy father 3 litters of puppies and he thought he had to mark everything. These saved my house! Thankful for BELLY BANDS!

  20. Barb 5 years ago

    I have been using these for many years. They are great! I’ve washed them hundreds of times and am just now ordering a couple more due to wear.

  21. Stephen 5 years ago

    Top Rated product that now has a four paw rating from Westie Rescue as we use this product on all in coming Rescues until they prove they can behave. We have used these bands for going on 10 years!

    Thanks for making the best product on the market.

  22. Cassandra Goldstein 4 years ago

    Absolutely the BEST product we have ever used! Could not live without these bands, we have almost a dozen already! don’t stop making them!

  23. Judiann 4 years ago

    Belly bands are a positive game changer for anyone with an older, incontinent dog. They are extremely well made and do not irritate sensitive skin. Our mini schnauzer happily wears his “potty pad” and not having to repeatedly clean up after little dribbles sure makes us happy as well. I’ve told several friends about them, they all marvel at what a positive difference these make in living with an older dog.

  24. Kimj42 1 year ago

    We have a senior Min Pin mix that’s now incontinent. We adopted him many years ago and suspect even then that he was never properly housebroken. Your bellybands have been a lifesaver. The elastic bands work very well for him. A great product that we’ll use forever!

  25. Shen Dong 1 year ago

    The bands have a gentle elastic all around the band. Good fit product. Good seller.

  26. sssneat 1 year ago

    Absolutely LOVE these belly bands for my little “marker.” Besides the excellent workmanship, they are a real fashion statement. And when I had a question about my order, the response was almost immediate. I definitely recommend purchasing from

  27. Kassandra Arnett 7 months ago

    I bought a couple of belly bands from this shop, I just have to say this shop is amazing and the quality of the bands is incredible. Also customer service is really great, reached out because of something they got back real quick 10/10. I will officially say this is my permanent store to get belly bands <3

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