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Available with or without skirts. Our wonderful Girl Belly Band is so sleek and comfortable, and it is designed to stay on your dog with our patent pending design. Girl Belly Bands have our highest quality soft, breathable anti-pill fleece inside and our top quality vibrant cotton fabric outside. Our bands adjust in size at the waist with two velcro strips that fasten under the skirt. All of our belly bands are machine washable and dryable.

Please read below for measuring instructions.

  • BLACK body…black and white dot skirt
  • BLACK body…cheetah skirt
  • BLACK body…hearts skirt
  • BLACK body…NO skirt
  • BLACK body…solid black skirt
  • BLACK body…white with dark paws skirt
  • BLUE Body…NO Skirt
  • BLUE body…red bandana skirt
  • BLUE body…solid blue skirt
  • CHEETAH body…black skirt
  • CHEETAH body…cheetah skirt
  • CHEETAH body…NO skirt
  • FRENCH LACE body…French lace skirt
  • FRENCH LACE body…NO skirt
  • FRENCH LACE body…solid black skirt
  • PINK body…hearts skirt
  • PINK body…NO skirt
  • PINK body…pink ribbon skirt
  • PINK body…solid pink skirt
  • WHITE body…French lace skirt
  • WHITE body…NO Skirt
  • WHITE body…red bandana skirt
  • WHITE body…white skirt
  • WHITE body…white with dark paws skirt

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Measuring Instructions

It is always wise to have more than one band, so when one is in the wash, another band is available.

Wrap a measuring tape around the very BACK (not the middle) of your girl dog’s tummy, where the tummy meets the hind legs. Pull the tape snug, but not too tight. This is your girl dog’s waist measurement. Please do not size up. We allow plenty of room for adjustment.

Tip: If you don’t have a tape measure, you can use a piece of string to measure your dog’s waist. Place the string around your dog’s belly, then measure the string with a ruler. Hint: A dollar bill measures about 6″ and can be used in a pinch.

Pictured: Girl bands with and without skirt


Please order true to size. Do not size up… We allow room for pads and adjustment. Bands will fit waists slightly larger and smaller than the size categories shown below.

Size xx-small is for waists 9″-11.5″

Size x-small is for waists 12″-14.5″

Size small is for waists 15″-17.5″

Size medium is for waists 18″-20.5″

Size large is for waists 21″-23.5″

Size x-large is for waists 24″-28.5″

Size xx-large is for waists 29″-34.5″

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6 reviews for Girl Belly Bands

  1. Lola 2 weeks ago

    This is my second order, and these are really a life saver!!! Thanks so much for coming up with these!

  2. Dorine 2 weeks ago

    I’ve used Belly Bands for years and they ARE the BEST around.

  3. Philip 2 weeks ago

    They work great!

  4. Jean 2 weeks ago

    Received the bands and I can already tell they are much better than the pet store one we had. Yours are easier to get on and off and a better fit. Thanks.

  5. Shannon 2 weeks ago

    I’ve been on the fence about buying one of these for my 11-year-old foster dog. We had dinner at the home of (a friend) who had one for their aging female and one for their young Chihuahua. Both dogs LOVED their Belly Bands and wore them proudly. What an endorsement! When the dogs love it, it must be great! My pets are so much more comfortable in your belly bands. Great job.

  6. Pamela 2 weeks ago

    Your product is truly the best of its kind. I’ve tried others from fancy pet boutiques, but no comparison!

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