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Our Belly Bands…

We have 40 years of dog training experience and have been making our belly bands since 2003. The top quality materials we use and our great seamstresses, who are paid a living wage, are the difference.

Big retailers sell bands made in China that often aren’t soft and comfortable and don’t last. We offer ORIGINAL USA-made boy and girl belly bands that are the BEST quality and longest lasting dog housebreaking bands available. We only make belly bands that are extremely comfortable and last wash after wash.

We’d like you to check out our dog belly band reviews and see for yourself!

Read our dog belly band reviews and customer comments here…

How to Stop Dog Marking…

An important step in controlling dog marking behavior is to prevent any opportunity for them to wet in the house. Your dog should be loose in the house only when you can watch him/her at all times. So, if you are busy your dog should not be allowed to go into any room where you cannot watch him carefully, even for a few seconds.

Many dogs are sneaky markers. A few unsupervised “seconds” can lead to urine marking that you might not immediately notice. Each time your dog successfully marks in the house, it reinforces his desire to do so again.

Many owners who can’t watch their dogs every minute use belly bands as a dog housebreaking aid. These bands help control urine marking and train dogs not to wet in the house. Bellybands comfortably wrap around a dog’s tummy. An inexpensive sanitary pad is placed in the bottom of the band.

When your dog tries to mark in the house, urine is absorbed by the pad, and carpet and furniture remain clean. Dogs cannot leave their scent or mark their territory. This prevents soiled areas that would attract them to re-wet in the future.

Dogs dislike wetting in the belly bands, and it serves as a constant reminder to the dog not to wet in the house. Many dogs are reliably housebroken with the use of belly bands. For those persistent markers, belly bands help to keep homes smelling fresh, clean and urine free.

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Why choose us

We strive for the BEST in our Dog Belly Bands.
  • Safe & Comfortable

    Our dog belly bands are soft and very comfortable for your dog, and are designed to be sanitary.
  • Quality Fabrics

    Our Dog Belly Bands are made of the best quality materials for long wear. We source our materials from suppliers in the NY and NJ garment districts.
  • Tried & Tested

    Dog Belly Bands are designed as a training aid to teach dogs not to mark in the house.
  • Our Customers Love Them

    We are the longest-running belly band company on the market. Our customers trust our products, and you will, too!
Belly bands for dogs

Shelley A. Customer

Your product is great! They look nice on him too – I think he likes them!

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I am so impressed with your belly bands; I am ordering more! Thanks for a great product!

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Thank you so much! I LOVE your Belly Bands!! They are the best of all of them on the market!!