Dog Belly Band Reviews

Since 2003, our ORIGINAL boy belly bands are the BEST quality, longest lasting dog housebreaking bands available. Choose non-elastic or elastic bands and use with a disposable sanitary or incontinence pad to keep your home urine-free. Read reviews below!

Why choose us

We strive for the BEST in our Dog Belly Bands.
  • Safe & Comfortable

    Our dog belly bands are soft and very comfortable for your dog, and are designed to be sanitary.
  • Quality Fabrics

    Our Dog Belly Bands are made of the best quality materials for long wear. We source our materials from suppliers in the NY and NJ garment districts.
  • Tried & Tested

    Dog Belly Bands are designed as a training aid to teach dogs not to mark in the house.
  • Our Customers Love Them

    We are the longest-running belly band company on the market. Our customers trust our products, and you will, too!
Belly bands for dogs

Shelley A. Customer

Your product is great! They look nice on him too – I think he likes them!

Amy Customer

I am so impressed with your belly bands; I am ordering more! Thanks for a great product!

Tatia Customer

Thank you so much! I LOVE your Belly Bands!! They are the best of all of them on the market!!