Measuring Instructions For Long-Waisted Dogs

“Ordered two a couple of weeks ago. Quality is unsurpassed. Really has solved a problem for our dog, Diego.” – Deborah

For short waisted dogs, we have both comfortable bands without elastic OR with elastic. For bands without elastic, follow the measuring instructions below. For bands with elastic, order here.

Measuring for non-elastic bands:

Boy Sizes:

Size A is for waists 7″-8.5″ and is approximately 2.5″ wide (Size A is a very tiny teacup size. Please measure before ordering.)

Size B is for waists 9″-11.5″ and is approximately 2.75″ wide

Size C is for waists 12″-14.5″ and is approximately 3.75″ wide

Size D is for waists 15″-16.5″ and is approximately 4.75″ wide

Size E is for waists 17″-19.5″ and is approximately 5.75″ wide

Size F is for waists 20″-22.5″ and is approximately 6.75″ wide

Size G is for waists 23″-25.5″ and is approximately 7.25″ wide

Size H is for waists 26″-28.5″ and is approximately 7.25″ wide

Size I is for waists 29-31.5″ and is approximately 8.25″ wide

Size Ix is for waists 32″-35″ and is approximately 9″ wide

Larger sizes or custom widths available upon request

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Need help?

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It is wise to have more than one band on hand, so if your dog’s belly band is in the wash, he never has the opportunity to mark in the house and reinforce bad habits.