Quickly and easily prevent your dog from Wetting the house with a Belly Band!

The Original BellyBands.net for Boys and Girls

  • Belly Bands wrap around your dog’s tummy to prevent marking, incontinence and housebreaking accidents. Female Belly Bands can also be used for dogs in heat.
  • Our Belly Bands are washable and reusable, over and over again.
  • Belly Bands catch wetting accidents and remind your dog not to wet in the house.
  • Use with a disposable maxi-pad from the grocery store. Keeps your dog’s skin clean and dry.
  • We have over 30 years of dog training experience…we know dogs…we know housebreaking!  We’ve provided USA-made Belly Bands since 2003.
  • All of our bands are IN-STOCK with QUICK shipping. Unused bands are exchangeable for a different size.
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“People told me that your bands are much better quality than the other bands, and they are right.
There is no comparison!”   B Claude

What makes our Belly Bands better?

  • We use the HIGHEST QUALITY anti-pill fleece available and high thread count cottons; NEVER “seconds” like our competitors. We wouldn’t sacrifice quality for our dogs, and we won’t for your dogs. Our washable bands last for a very long time.
  • Never use bands that are designed to squeeze your dog’s private parts to prevent him from being able to wet. That is very unhealthy. Our bands are soft and comfortable.
  • Never use bands that are designed to hold urine in a fabric liner next to your dog’s skin. This can cause rashes. Our bands are designed to be used with inexpensive, disposable sanitary pads from the grocery store that wick moisture away from your dog’s skin, keeping him clean and dry.
  • Our WIDER bands are sturdy and cover better. We use TWO velcro strips on boy sizes D and up for a secure, comfortable fit.
  • $3.95 flat fee US shipping on any size order. Mix and match any 5 or more items on our site and receive a free, stuffed dog toy.
  • Extremely COMFORTABLE. NO ELASTIC to irritate your dog’s skin or male dog’s private parts. GENTLE on all coats.
  • Our own overlock velcro NEVER TANGLES HAIR…NEVER STICKS to bedding like other bands. Our LONGER velcro makes our band more adjustable.
  • Our CUSTOMERS PREFER our boy dog belly band and girl dog diaper. Please read our testimonials.
  • Call us for GREAT customer support! We are here to help you through the housebreaking process!
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ORDER ONLINE or by phone 602-485-5490     Read more about our BellyBands and how they work

Client Testimonials

“Your product is awesome! Belly Bands fit, last forever, clean well and most importantly are COMFORTABLE! Love them. Thanks for an answer to my problem.” – Amy

“We have a Chihuahua with a heart condition. His meds cause him to drink insane amounts of water, and we know that has to go somewhere; he just couldn’t hold it. I ordered bellybands for him in April. They are an absolute life-saver. We purchased the maxi pads that are recommended. This has been the best thing ever. Before the band, we basically had him on a leash all the time to try and control his accidents. It was miserable for him and for us. He’s regained his freedom in the house and it created a very peaceful home again. His condition has him not feeling so hot anyway, and trying to control his movements around the house was causing undue stress on him and us. We believe he’s incontinent now, but thanks to bellybands, this has not stressed any of us out! They are comfortable for him, easy to wash and durable. We ordered 2 in April, and we rotate them.  A friend in rescue told me that the standard belly band (from other companies) that she’s used in the past has caused UTI’s in her chi’s due to the unsanitary nature of having to reuse them/the dog having them on after they get wet.  These bands with the (disposable) pads mean he always has a clean, dry pad.  He’s had no issues at all with them and he’s literally had them on all day, every day since April.  We tried dog diapers, human diapers and the traditional bands from the pet store, we were pretty desperate when I found you site and thought I’d try just one more thing.  I’m so thankful I did!
I cannot thank you enough for this product.  As our little guy’s heart deteriorates, I am so thankful for this peace in our home that came with the bellybands, we can all relax together now, no stressful issues with his incontinence.  LF”

“Thanks for making a product that does not bunch, gather or have elastic that cuts into my dog’s belly. I ordered one belly band from you to try thinking it was going to be just like the rest, but I was wrong. I am now ordering more. My dog and carpets love this band!!” – Karen B.

“I want to thank you so much for your help with my order. I have received them already. Excellent customer service. Thank you so much.” – Debbie

“I purchased two belly bands from two different suppliers. Yours is by far the better one.” – Sue

Just wanted to write you and let you know I received my order for the belly bands and it fits Jacob perfectly!! I am completely happy with the product, its quality and seamstress workmanship!!! Big Kudos!! I will spread the word of your product!!! Thank you so much!!! You helped on the phone with your recommendations of how to measure our rescue yorkie poo who is longer in body. The sweet woman on the phone was a doll and had me measure further and recommended a wider 4 inch width for better coverage. It was the perfect fit for Jacob!!! I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with our belly bands we ordered from you!! Just excellent!! –Christine

“I received my belly band this afternoon and right away I was impressed by how pretty they look and how soft they feel. So I tried them on Fred (our little 15 years old Bichon) and he didn’t mind wearing them at all. I think he liked them ’cause they fit so well and are so soft. I tried the bands with elastics in the past and he refused to walk with one on and I couldn’t bring myself to make him wear them because he looked so uncomfortable in them, but not with yours. I think it might be ’cause they’re so soft and gentle on his skin. Plus he looks so cute in them too. Fred tested the absorbency of the band last night, and it worked like a charm. My carpet was dry, his skin and fur stayed dry, and the only thing wet was the band…it absorbed it all and there was no mess whatsoever! I love them! They’re wonderful! Thank you so much! If anyone asks me where to get good belly bands, I will recommend that they order from you.” – Helene

“I wanted to let you know that I was so happy with our Belly Bands when they arrived. I knew as soon as I saw them that they were going to be a MUCH better option that the ones we currently had.
Our young Corgi was being treated with an antibiotic/steroid and when he’d drink (and he was drinking a LOT), it was just running right through him.  I was so worried that he would forget his housetraining but with the help of these great bands, with the addition of your great bands, all was well.
We had some bands from another company and the first night (before  your product) my poor little guy was literally dripping by morning!  I got some of the suggested brand of pads for the new belly bands and in the mornings, the pad didn’t feel wet, and the band was dry.  The pads you suggested held ALL of his pee, kept the band and him (AND his bed) dry and comfortable.
I can’t tell you how wonderful these bands are!  We have an older Corgi, that is larger than Lukas, and if the time comes when he needs to have a little potty help, you can rest assured you will be where I turn for new belly bands for him if necessary.
Oh, and wanted to report also…for the first few days, I was washing each of the belly bands at least once a day (sometimes twice)..washed them in cold water, dried on low warm.  They washed and dried like new.  Great product and great service.  Thank you so very much for making an unpleasant time for Lukas (and us) a lot easier to tolerate.”
(Mrs.) C.K. Dunn

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