Why are black lights important?

It’s important to remove old urine stains so your dog isn’t tempted to continue marking the same spot. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find dog pee stains on carpet, especially if your carpet is dark or detailed. With urine-detecting ultraviolet black lights, dried urine crystals are illuminated and easy to remove.

How do I use a black light to find dog pee?

First, thoroughly vacuum your carpet. Turn off all the lights in the room and pull the curtains over your windows so there is as little outside light in the room as possible. A dark room will make the black light’s job of illuminating urine stains much easier.

Hold the black light 1 to 2 feet above the carpet and scan the carpet for stains. Bright white, blue, or green stains can most likely be attributed to old food or drink stains. Urine stains, on the other hand, will shine a dull pea-green or brownish-yellow color.

As soon as you’ve found a pee stain, use a inch or two of masking tape to tag the area for later cleaning. For large stains, you can use more masking tape to outline the perimeter of the mark.

Where can I find urine-detecting black lights?

Not all black lights are created equal. Some lights are faulty, emit a weak light, or are not intended for use in detecting animal urine stains. Ensure you’re purchasing a black light specifically intended to illuminate dog and cat pee spots in carpet.

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