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Boy Belly Bands


Our ORIGINAL boy belly bands are the best quality housebreaking bands available. Measure the middle of your dog’s tummy, then find colors, patterns and order here.  Prices start at $10.95

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Girl Belly Bands

girl belly bands dogs in heat

Available with or without skirts, our Girl Belly Bands, with our patent pending design, control wetting and in-season messes. Sleek, stylish and comfortable. Find colors, patterns and order here. Prices start at $17.95

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We recommend adding Odormute to your detergent when washing belly bands or for cleaning carpets and floors to remove all traces of urine odor.  The natural enzyme action changes the source of the odor and eliminates it. Also for skunk odor on pets, clothes, cat litter boxes and more.  $7.99

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Black Light

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A black light is a great aid to help find dried urine stains, so you can completely remove them and help keep your dog from rewetting the same areas. Batteries included. (We recommend using our black light with our Odormute odor remover for a complete clean.) $19.95 Sale: $15.95

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Thinnines are flat, unstuffed animals for all the fun of chewing without the mess. No squeakers. $5.95

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Dog Harness


A harness is a great, gentle method for walking dogs. Our harnesses is also designed to be used to keep boy belly bands extra secure on very long-waisted boy dogs. $12.95

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Fleecy White Star


Fleece­-type dog toy with squeaker. Dogs love these toys, as they are soft and easy on their mouths. Puppies love them for teething too. Approximately 8″-9″. $5.95

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